Google Ads are the most dominating Digital Marketing platform across world. With the growing usage of Google ads, Advertisers are investing in Digital marketing with Google Ads and this investment lead to many people to make their career within Google ads and this had been spread to most of the popular countries. Getting the knowledge of Google ads will lead to a professional career either you ending up working individually (Freelancer), working for a highly reputed Agency or work for Google  directly, where Google is investing more and more in creating and developing support centers for their customer queries. 
Google Ads is being a career choice this is just a part of the ocean with in the multiple sections of Digital marketing which is a huge bunch includes so many branches into it and vast area of scope of learning and development. Google continuously focus on changing the algorithm and tool actions for the better user experience and to avoid any malpractice of the users try to take advantage of the loop holes within Digital World and multiple tools which are provided by Google one among them is considered as Google Ads.
Firstphase is experienced and established in training towards basic and advanced to Pro level of these applications with Google Ads. Our training includes complete Digital marketing,  which covers Google Ads as a part of the module within the complete curriculum. Digital Marketing or any of the module's  among these will be the best choice for a student to get their training and a choice of professional career. Continuous efforts and great practice is needed to master Google Ads, along with updating your yourself with the changes made in the algorithm of Google tools, and our tutors are so experienced and updated with all these changes happening within the Digital World to provide excellent knowledge skills.
Placement assistance and Job opportunities will be very much available within this competing market and any student who is very thorough in this subject and tool knowledge will be able to crack interview and get Job into this professional career. First phase till now trained around multiple batches which includes 100+ students and with 80% are placement guarantee, in MNCs and agencies across Telangana and these people are now professionally eligible Google Ads Specialists or can be considered as Digital Marketing Experts.
First Phase with Digital marketing with Google Ads platform will be a great choice to students who want to make their career with Digital world of marketing and build their challenging life and grow in this career choice.

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